Saturday, March 6, 2010

New beginnings

It's been a real long time since I wrote any post or published anything on my blog. When I started my blog I was quite excited about it and I thought it would be a way of reviving my love for writing. But I was wrong sadly so. My life took a jump start to the future but, my blog and writing became a thing of the past. I did think about writing something once in a while but never found an interesting topic to do so. I finally decided that I won't wait to write until some interesting topic comes up but instead will blog on some interesting tit bits and stuff that I like and enjoy.

So, that's to new beginnings, 2010!

1 comment:

  1. That happens with everyone.. You simply dont know what to say on the blog sometimes.. And if life goes on a roller coaster ride.. blog takes a back seat!! *sigh*.. I know the feeling!! But nice to have you back.. so keep blogging!! :-)